Like A Long Walk In A Rainstorm



I apologize if you don’t like breasts (and I pity you) but DEAR LORD WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA

My summary is: Several scantily clad women with crutches on their arms and plungers on their heads stomp around while another woman makes bird calls over the microphone and just makes you feel uncomfortable.
Then a man, who has absolutely no business to, comes out on a skateboard all with the powers of his pelvic thrust (and is the most inspirational part). Two women come out and face each other head on in what seems to be an implied dance battle. The skateboard man continues to pelvic thrust. A second man comes out on a wheely chair and crutches and yells loud noises as he glides across the stage, screaming as he goes.

Tears ensue.

Oh my god the squeaky noises the pelvic thrust skateboard man makes just KILL me.

Yeah, if you’ve seen this gif… apparently this is where it’s from

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